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Kemal Amarullah

a boy likes to drawing

Recount Text

ENG | 21 January 2013 | 18:17 Dibaca: 566   Komentar: 0   0

Hi My name is Kemal Amarullah and this is my first post.I would like to give an example of recount text about my study tour last week.

Wednesday,9 January 2013 i went to Jakarta to study tour class 8 Junior Highschool of  18 Semarang  until Saturday,12 January 2013.I went to Jakarta and Bandung by bus.There are five bus and i sitted at bus 2.Day 1 all went to Jakarta at 3 pm.  and at 8 pm. took  a rest and dinner at Tanjung Bekasi. The Travel arrived took 12 hours and w e arrived to Jakarta at 3 am. or Thursday.

We stayed  at Asrama Haji ,Bekasi.In day 2 after took breakfast at 8 am., we started the trip.The first be visited is Planetarium.In the travel to planetarium ,I saw Monas,Istilaq Mosque and big and high building .All participent arrived at 10 am.In there(Planetarium) , all paricipent  are shocked because the projector moving and feeled the star moving  like real .All participent got knowledge about space and saw constellation and planet.

Next we visited Gelanggang Samudra Ancol.In GSA we saw 4D Movie.The movie is about a castle secret and all participent shocked too because the sit place is moving .Next in GSA is Animal Show or like a circus. The animal is Otter,Honey Bear and Hippopotanus .The best part i like from Animal Show is the Otter want to got in ball to basket but can’t and took a long time.

After that we saw underwater Show or Dolpin Show tell about the mermaid castle are tooken by evil Octopus and there is diving guy help mermaid with dolpin  and then we saw Stunman Show about Scorpio Pirates.The Scorpio Pirates tell about Pirates who stolen keris and there is guy want to took  back .The most part i like from Scorpio Pirates is the spectator sit in most front get wet because the stun rode speedboat and trowler water .

After that we t a took lunch and visited Dufan theme park.There are many ride like Histeria,Halilintar,Bianglala,Merry go round,Tornado.But i just rode Kora-Kora ,Alap-Alap, Mirror House ,and The Doll castle because rain.Next we went to ITC Mannga Dua .Mangga Dua ITC is like market but modern and the price is not cheap.In there i just bought headset and after that we went back to Asrama Haji to took a dinner and sleep.

In day 3 we checkout from Asrama Haji and got t-shirt from school and went to Bandung.We visited Puspa Iptek Bandung to saw Instrument about science.In there,there is a big sun clock in Indonesia And then we went to Lembang to took a lunch.Then,we began our outbound.But im not very happy because there is just 2 games and im not played in there and just wacthed.After finished outbound,all participent went on trip to Cibaduyut to bought some souvenir from bandung like t-shirt,shoes and bag from cow skin, Peyem and many more.After that we took dinner at Sukahati and went back to Semarang.We arrived Semarang at 5.15 am.

In summary the trip was great and i feel happy because can arrived safely but i’m really tired.

N.B :Sorry if my english not well


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